The Solution

In other words... How PEAK solves the problem

The PEAK System accurately records all your business mileage using GPS.

We use a small GPS device that sits in your cigarette lighter socket and records the exact journey.

There is no need to create a claim as this is all now done automatically.

The average claim takes just 5 minutes a month. 

The system will work with anyone who claims mileage.

It will work for someone with 1 car or 1000.

The process is compliant with HMRC requirements.

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The Ultimate

GPS Mileage Expenses System

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Plug the NEW PEAK Mileage Expenses Device into your cars cigarette lighter and forget about it.  It uses GPS to record all your business trips and automatically creates your claim.  It's just really simple and quick

Plug and Play
Just pace in your cigarette lighter socket and the Trip Stick will record all your business trips

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Special Offer

Just for the launch

1 X 3g GPS Trip Stick

12 Months Access to PEAK

All features and reporting

1 User

Full support and help

£149 - Normally £189

Then just £8.50 a month after 12 months

Our Prices and Plans

Even the pricing is simple!


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0845 6006880

I have been using the PEAK system for just over a year now and find it is an invaluable tool and so easy to use! I used to dread that end of year and having to work out my mileage. Now I update regularly and so there is no procrastination at the end of every year! A great tool for making life easier!

Shirley Geraghty - Cambridge Consultants (South) Ltd.

What our awesome clients say

Auto Claim Creation
All your trips are uploaded to the PEAK web site and carefully crafted into a mileage claim
Accurate Distance
No more guess work, the distance is accurate and shows the actual mileage.
Hide Personal Trips
Easily hide any peronal trips from your manager or your company
Powerful Reports
Simply create mileage reports and add them to your accounts or send them to someone like your accountant
Proven Track Record
The NEW Trip Stick is based on technology and experience servicng more than 36,000 users with the current mileage and GPS systems

PEAK Will Work for You

No more guessing, estimating or forgetting claims.  PEAK will make mileage claims a doddle

Why is PEAK  GPS So Important

In other words, what problems does it solve.

  • No one has enough time to do a proper job of their mileage and almost everyone will make compromises.
  • Because of lack of time you rush it or make it up or just don’t bother.
  • This leads to inaccuracy or claims being incomplete.
  • Inaccuracy can cost a company due to overestimation.
  • Inaccuracy can cost an employee due to underestimation.
  • Overestimation and poor quality data can lead to non-compliance in the eyes of the tax man.
  • Non-compliance can lead to an HMRC fine.
  • A HMRC fine can be very expensive.

PEAK Solves These Problems

Our GPS system does all the hard work for you meaning you never forget or estimate ever agian.  Its quick, simple and accurate.

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The Key Benefits

In other words, what's in it for you.

  • PEAK will save you loads of Time
  • Save loads of money in lost mileage or over estimation
  • Stop hassle and frustration.
  • Keep it fair as you claim for every single mile you travel and not a mile more or less
  • Get compliant with HMRC requirements
  • Protect yourself from changes in legislation and mileage rates
  • Save all your claims so you never misplace a claim ever again
  • Keep your Accountant happy with your newly acquired admin skills

PEAK: Simple & Effective

The PEAK system is jam packed with tangible benefits that will make life easier and more efficient.  Its quick, simple and accurate.

How It Works

We have a very simple process

Place the GPS Trip Stick in your car and drive about as normal. The PEAK system will record all your trips.

Claims are automatically created with all journey detsils and a map of the journey taken. PEAK saves loads of time

Review your journeys and hide anything personal.  Once happy submit your claim or save it for later

Plug the NEW PEAK Mileage Expences device into your cars 12v socket and forget about it! It uses GPS to record all your business trips and automatically creates your claim.

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